BIG DEAL: $394 New York-Helsinki in August with Finnair!

Skip out on the sweatiest month and cool it in Scandinavia

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Here’s something you don’t see every day—a summer deal to northernmost Finland, surely one of the best places to sit out the last of the steamy August weather New York is so famous for. There’s a catch—you’ll have to fly to Chicago first, where where a terminal switch for your Finnair flight will likely be required. But hey, it’s worth it—we found fares as low as $394 on Orbitz, for travel August 21-28. (That’s a Monday to a Monday.)

How good is this fare? It’s high season, even if on the tail end. Also, this is not the most mainstream Scandinavian destination. A week or two before that, you could be paying at least $1,000 more. Oh, and Finnair doesn’t charge for the first checked bag, so the price is pretty much the price. Speaking of baggage fees, we took a look at the low fare airlines; Norwegian wants almost double for that route on those dates, and you’ll still need to stop over, and you’ll pay baggage fees. Have we answered the question in a satisfactory manner? Oh, good.

Here’s the proof, via Orbitz

Jump on this one—it’ll probably be gone within a day or two.

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